Holding on to Summer

*Holding on to Summer_010

This time of year always makes me want to hold on to the last bits of summer.  While the days still might be warm, they are getting shorter.  So to forget that autumn is just around the corner I headed out to the beach to relax and catch some rays.  Fortunately Angel DELUXE has some great marketplace promotions right now for under $10L to keep me in that summer mood.  You’ll find a ton of mesh bathing trunks in all kinds of solid colors and prints on sale for $9L each.  I chose a pair of white trunks to go with my blue, red, and white striped slim tank, which was also just $9L.  The tank tops are available in several different striped or colored print versions to mix and match with the trunks.   These items come in standard mesh sizes and I’m showing them in the picture above with my “classic” body, but they also seemed to fit both a Slink and a Signature Gianni mesh body just fine with some appropriate alpha adjustments with the HUDs.  Both of these items have been on sale for quite some time now, so I’m not sure how much longer you’ll be able to grab them at this terrific low price.  Don’t let August pass without enjoying what’s left of the warm weather.


Geoffrey is wearing…

Shape – Damage (no longer in SL) – Chris (former Menstuff Hunt Gift)
Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Iwan earth (occasional Lucky Board prize)
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky eyes – Deep Honey Hazel (not free)
Hair – *Argrace* – Gaku dark blonde
Tank Top – Angel DELUXE (Marketplace Promo) – Stripes Slim Tank – $9L
(available in standard mesh sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL)
Trunks – Angel DELUXE (Marketplace Promo) – White Swim Trunks – $9L
(available in standard mesh sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL)
Sim Location – Baja Norte

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The Renaissance Hunt

The Renaissance Hunt is in full swing until the end of this month with 82 stores participating. This is a must-do event for all of you medieval, Gorean and historical role-play enthusiasts.  In fact a lot of the gifts work even for contemporary homes.  All of the items in the hunt are free and every participating store has gifts for both men and women (or unisex)

You can get a list of SLURLs at the Historical Hunts blog where there are also pictures of some of the gifts posted.  The hunt starts at Renaissance Faire Isle where the merchants have set up special displays of discounted and free items for the month of September.  The Renaissance Faire itself has an additional “mini-hunt” with 20+ additional gifts hidden around the Faire in acorns (which are pretty tough to spot but worth the effort).  For the main hunt itself you’ll be looking for little purple gargoyles.


I don’t have time to show you anywhere near all the hunt gifts out there, but here’s a sampling of what you’ll find.  The elegant black chair is an embroidered medieval throne, the hunt gift from from Casa de Bebe. It’s sitting next to Shakespeare’s Desk, the hunt gift from Drow Science.  This desk comes complete with quill pens, parchment and chair (the whole thing linked together is just 6PE – an added bonus to all you homeowners on a strict prim budget).    The authentic Madonna with Child wall hanging in back is from  Dragon Magick Wares


Here’s a closeup of one of the outfits you’ll find on this hunt.  I’m wearing the men’s Renaissance Hunt prize from e*Sensual, which is a mesh outfit with a chain metal top and leather pants.  There’s a nice female gift at this store also.  My sturdy leather boots are the hunt prize from Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes, and there are separate versions in the hunt gift for men and women.  So hurry on out to the Renaissance Hunt for some great free gifts.

Shown above:

Medieval Throne – Renaissance Hunt Gift from Casa de Bebe – free

Shakespeare’s Desk – Renaissance Hunt Gift from Drow Science – free

Madonna with Child wall hanging –  Dragon Magick Wares – free

Henry V Chainmail Top and Leather Pants – e*Sensual – free

Medieval Leather Boots from Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes – free

Geoffrey is also wearing:

Viggo Hair (chocolate) – A & A Designs Hair – not free

Ashton skin (Tan) – group gift from Belleza (free to group members, $350L to join)

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Around the World in 80 Days SL-style

In my previous post I showed you several of the modern-day travel-oriented gifts that are available in the Around the Grid Hunt 2.  But this time I’m going to recreate the start of the kind of around the world voyage Jules Verne had in mind when he wrote his famous  tale Around the World in Eighty Days in 1873.  Fortunately the merchants of the Around the Grid Hunt 2 (AGH2) have come through with exactly the things I need.

First off, I’ll need to consult my maps.  Among the AGH2 hunt prizes you’ll find at Celtic Wolf are a set of frame historical maps like those I’ve got on my wall in the first picture.  You’ll get maps of Europe, the U.S. and the world.  Like all the hunt prizes in the AGH2, you get the set for $1L once you find the hunt object at the store.  Then, of course, I need to pack my bags.  What’s this?  My cat is asleep on top of a bunch of my suitcases!  This fun travel-related prop is the AGH2 gift from Living Vintage Southern.  Well I hate to disturb the cat, so let me just kneel down here and give her a goodbye pat.

CWLivingVintSouth(AGH2)_001At least I’ve got one suitcase available to pack for the trip, the Suitcase Seat AGH2 gift from Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations.  I think I’ll just lean on my stuff a little bit to try to get it to fit in.  No, maybe I need to sit on it to get this suitcase closed.  In both pictures I’m wearing the men’s suit AGH2 gift from AdelleArts Manor Fashions.  It includes the distinguished top hat, the black riding boots, and a full-length mesh top coat (which I’ll show you in the next picture).  With this outfit I’m a dead ringer for Verne’s Around-the-World hero, Phileas Fogg.

PP&II,AdelleArtsWith everything ready, all I need is my transportation.  Thanks to the AGH2 gift from ~XM Designs~, I have a hot air balloon that Verne would have been proud of.  This balloon is a pose object rather than a flying vehicle, but it contains a whole bunch of singles and couples poses appropriate for balloon travel.  Off, off and away …!!!


Items in this post:

Pictures: Antique Maps of Europe, World, and US by Celtic Wolf (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Suitcase stack with sleeping cat: 2 Suitcase Stacked Set by Living Vintage Southern (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Outfit: Around the Grid Men’s Outfit (includes hat, mesh topcoat, and boots) by AdelleArts Manor Fashions (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Packed suitcase: Suitcase Seat by Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Hot Air Balloon: 3 Animation Hot Air Balloon by ~XM Designs~ (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Geoffrey is also wearing:

Eyes: Deep Sky Eyes, Medium Onyx by Mayfly (currently free at FabFree Station/free)

Skin: Buck 07 with hairbase in Ivory from Filthy (not free)

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A Summer Trip Around the World

The Around the Grid 2 Hunt is now in full swing with a long list of participating merchants.  It’s loosely based on the Jules Verne classic Around the World in 80 Days, and so is lasting a total of 80 days, through September 30.  This hunt is a little unconventional in that you won’t get the LM to the next store on the hunt when you find a prize; you have to use the LMs on the AGH2 website.  The other twist to the ARG hunt is that in addition to a $1L hunt prize, many of the stores also have a $25L Gatcha with hunt-themed gifts in them (the gatcha is optional for the merchants).  I won’t be showing you stuff from the Gatchas, but here’s some pictures of some of the fun $1L prizes you can get from the regular part of the hunt.

Not all the shops are adhering strictly to the historical aspect of  Around the World … but even those who are giving more modern prizes are sticking with the idea of summer travel.  I start out my summer trip in the Skull Pump Ride red and black roadster, the AGH2 prize from NR Designs.  It’s a drivable vehicle that comes equipped with some smoke and fire when you hit the accelerator.  And, man, can this baby fly!

NRDesigns_002Unfortunately, as you can see I ran this hot rod off the road, which means I’m going to have to walk until I find a place to get a tow.  I’m headed off in my mesh plaid cargo shorts and tee which I got as the AGH2 prize at Beautiful & Dangerous.


Finding it a little chilly up here in the northern mountains I whip out the mesh hoodie and t-shirt I scored from the AGH2 at Short Circuit.  It captures the around-the-world theme nicely with the world map on the front of the tee.

Short Circuit_001But what do you know?  Just down the road I come upon a cute little taxi, sitting around just waiting for me to drive it.  This Whimsy Taxi is the AGH2 gift from StoraxTree and is also drivable.  Since I’ll be back inside a car again, I can take off the hoodie and try out the Outer Banks shorts and tank top that I got as the AGH2 gift from Euphoria Couture.  Now if I can just manage to keep this taxi from running off the road …..


Pictured above:

Car:  Skull Pump Ride – Red & Black by NR Designs (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Shorts & Tee:  Plaid Cargoes & Tee (mesh) by Beautiful & Dangerous  (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Top:  Open Hoodie with Shirt by Short Circuit (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Shorts & Tank:  Outer Banks (mesh) by Euphoria Couture (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Taxi:  Whimsy Cab by StoraxTree (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Geoffrey is also wearing:

Skin:  Ashton Tan by Belleza (Group Gift/$350 to join/free)
Eyes:  Mid grey eyes by [dirty.little.secret]
Hair:  Sailor in Coffee by A&A Designs (Voting Present/free)


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More from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt

I didn’t want my first post on the Medieval Fantasy Hunt (MFH XII) to run on for too long, but I do have a few more great gifts from that hunt to show.  Check that earlier post to get the general information about the hunt blog and how the hunt works.  MFH XII not only has clothing, a number of the merchants are offering furniture and outdoor objects for medieval and fantasy role-players.

Lacrime dell’anima’s (MFH XII #35) free gift on this hunt is the Spirits of Nature Table set shown in the next picture.  It features four tree stump chairs animated with various sit poses arranged around a cut tree table (the lantern on the table comes with it), all set in a lovely field of flowers.  If you’re looking to fit out a rural or fantasy setting, this is exactly what you need.   Next to me in back of the table set is the Viking Wagon from the Independent Objects shop (MFH XII #26).  Although it’s not scripted to be pulled by a horse or a person, it does have several nice cuddle poses for just hanging out with your special someone.

3Lacrime&IO(MFH#35&26)_001Along the same lines, United Inshcon (MFH XII #1) is giving away this Water Pond to MFH hunters.  It’s a nice little pond surrounded by rocks and grass tufts, and contains a wood tree branch for sitting and two wooden docks.  You can see me sitting on the dock at the far end, but the dock at the nearer end near the log has a diving animation so that you can land yourself in the water if you try to sit on the dock.  Really great fun, but try as I might I couldn’t manage a photo of me diving.

4United Inschcon(MFH#01)_001~*Sweet Revolutions*~ (MFH XII #02) is giving as it’s free hunt gift the “Yggdrasil – Der Weltenbaum.”  I’m not sure what “Yggdrasil” means, but “Der Weltenbaum” translates to “world tree” and it is a very realistic looking season changeable tree.  I happened to find this tree already rezzed on Sweet Revolutions’ region and snapped the picture below.  But to my surprise I discovered that the green, moss-covered ruins with the pretty lilac-colored flowers that is right in front of the tree is Sweet Revolutions’ prize in the Midsummer Nights Dream 5 grid wide hunt (MND5 #09) which is also running during July.  Here’s a link to the MND5 blog page where you can find out more about this hunt, but at least you get a peek at one of the gifts here.

5SweetRevolutions(MFH#02MNDH)_001And finally, the last item I’m going to show you from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XII, is a complete avatar called the Elemental Wisp, the free hunt gift from Lilith’s Den (MFH XII #04).  That’s actually me in the picture looking like a free-floating green mop.  The avatar comes with complete body alpha and all those swirly floaty attachments.  The attachments include animations which make you float about in the breeze even if you are not actually flying or walking yourself.  I normally don’t go for these fantasy fairy-like things, but this one is fun and quite unusual.

9 Lilith's Den (#4MFH XII)_001So there you have it – more useful and fun things from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt.

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Calling All Roleplayers – The Medieval Fantasy Hunt

I have to admit I’m a sucker for historical stuff in SL and I always try to check out historically themed hunts.  The twelfth edition of the Medieval Fantasy Hunt (MFH XII) is running until the end of this month, and starts at the United Inshcon shop sim.  You can follow the hunt either by getting the LM to the next hunt stop from the previous store’s gift or you can used the list of SLURLs at the MFH XII hunt blog.  The blog also gives the hints for each stop in both English and German (with one stop just in German) which is an advantage when you come upon a stop where the hint giver isn’t set up.  There were 52 stops in the MFH XII hunts when it started but 7 have dropped out, leaving 45 offering either a unisex or both a male and female prize.  But despite the fact there are just 45 stops, many of the prizes are ingeniously hidden at a considerable distance from the landing spot and it will take you a bit of time if you want to do the entire hunt.

First off let me show you the Odhor black mesh warrior outfit gift from PeKaS (MFH XII #15).  It’s mesh and includes alternative tunics with the hood up or with the hood down.  This outfit also includes the shoulder cape and the back-carried shield.  But the sword I’m wielding is the Viking Sword MFH XII gift from Dwar Barbosa Weapons (MFH XII #34).  The gift includes a wearable sheathed version, and is scripted with drawing and sheathing animations as well as the standard fighting animations.7Pekas,DwarBarbosa, Feyline (#15,34,28)_001The rightmost panel in the picture above shows an entire medieval Bryce woodsman outfit, which is the male gift at Feyline Fashions (MFH XII #28).  In addition to all the clothing, the outfit includes the hat, boots, bow and arrow (unscripted), and thigh-carried hunting knife.

Moving on, I’ve changed outfits to show you the Mystical Fantasy male medieval outfit in blue from C&N Designs (MFH XII #27).  The tunic and pants are mesh, and the outfit comes with the belt and boots.  It’s an elegant outfit, so I’m wearing it as I relax on Her Majesty’s Wooden Bench, the gift from An Lema (MFH XII #25).  This gift includes the animated mesh bench with all those pillows, the rug, two plant stands, and a table with decor items on it.


And finally, this next picture shows you the Korin knight’s outfit, the male MFH XII gift from The Seamstress (MFH XII #37).  It doesn’t include the boots (those are the boots I showed you above), but it is a mighty fine looking outfit with a gold design on the red velvet and a gold neck chain. That pistol is the Pirate Pistol MFH gift from Designs by Isaura (MFH XII #12).  The gift includes a “holstered” version which has the pistol held at the waist with a golden sash.  The pistol does fire, but is not damage-enabled unless you stick your own scripts into it.


There’s a lot more good stuff out there on the Medieval Fantasy Hunt so I hope I’ve shown you enough that you’ll go out and find all that good stuff.

Geoffrey is Wearing:

Picture 1:

Outfit – left:  Odhor in black from PeKaS (#15 MFH XII/free)

Sword: Viking Sword from Dwar Barbosa Weapons (#34 MFH XII/free)

Outfit – right (including bow & arrows, hunting knife):  Bryce woodsman’s outfit in brown from Feyline Fashions (#28 MFH XII/free)


Picture 2:

Outfit:  Mystical Fantasy Male from C&N Designs (#27 MFH XII/free)

Furniture: Her Maesty’s Medieval Wooden Bench from An Lema (#25 MFHXII/free)


Picture 3:

Outfit:  Korin from The Seamstress (#37 MFH XII/free)

Pistol: Pirate Pistol from Designs by Isaura  (#12 MFH XII/free)


In All Pictures:

Skin:  Buck 07 in Bronze from Filthy (former group gift/not free)

Eyes:  mid grey eyes from dirty.little.secret (not free)

Hair:  Brody in Dark Brown from A&A (not free)

Sim:  Silken Dreams

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Second Life Frees & Offers Deals

The Second Life Frees & Offers group (SLF&O) recently sent out a notecard listing all the deals available at participating stores right now, and there are some great free items for men available on the list this time around.   The SLF&O group is free to join and you need to be wearing that group tag to claim your gift at each of the stores.  In addition to the free-to-members gifts, the group gets regular notices from participating merchants about other offers in their shops.  The free gifts put me in an outdoor mood, so I went over to the It All Starts with a Smile sim to take these pictures for you.

This first outfit includes the free SLF&O group mesh racer tank top by [AP.PAREL], perfect for a hot summer day or any day at the beach.  I’m wearing it with my tried and true, available-to-everyone musician male jeans from my inventory library.  My shoes are Duh!’s canvas loafers in tan, just $25L from Duh!.  These nicely detailed loafers are available in several colors, each for the same low bargain price.  The pose in this picture is one of the “Dangerous” pose set, which is the free SLF&O gift at  ~Just Posing~.  There’s also a more female-looking set of poses included in the gift.

[AP.Parel]SL F+O_001

My second outfit shows a versatile mesh “Fred” Top in red, the SLF&O free gift at Glam Dreams.  This shirt is something you can use year-round, so it’s a must-have in your wardrobe.  The pose in this picture is one of a free SLF&O set you can find at [Kikay].

Gizza June GG_003

Now in case you think I don’t look quite like myself in these pictures, you’re right.  Curves Shapes and Skins is offering combinations that include a shape and a skin, one for men and one for women in it’s current SLF&O gift package, and I’m showing you the “Boys” gift.  The hair I’m wearing is Mario in black, which I’ve blogged before but which is still available for free to SLF&O group members at Pocket Mirrors.  And my eyes are Mayfly’s Deep Honey Hazel Eyes, available for free at Fabfree Station.

Gizza June GG_004

So get out there and pick up all these great gifts while they’re available, and don’t forget to look around the shops and give these generous merchants a bit of business too.

Geoffrey is wearing:

Top (picture 1):  Racer Tank by [AP.PAREL] – (SL F&O/free)

Pose (picture 2): Dangerous 1 by ~Just Posing~  – (SL F&O/free)

Top (picture 2):  “Fred” Red Top by Glam Dreams – (SL F&O/free)

Pose (picture 2): Model Poses by [Kikay] – (SL F&O/free)

In all pictures:

Shoes:  Tan Canvas Loafers by Duh! – $25L

Hair:  Mario Curly Black by Pocket Mirrors  – (SL F&O/free)

Eyes:  Deep Honey Hazel Eyes by Mayfly  – (Fabfree Station gift/free)

Skin & Shape:  SL F&O Gift Boys by Curves Shapes and Skins  – (SL F&O/free)

Jeans: Musician male – (Linden Library/free)

Sim:  It All Starts with a Smile


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