The Fashionnatic Hunt for Men

The Fashionnatic Hunt is the men’s companion hunt to the Fashionista Hunt, and both only run until the end of May so you’d better grab the gifts while you can.  The hunt website gives you the starting location where you can pick up a notecard list of 21 participating stores and their hints.    There are lots of nice prizes in both hunts (prizes are $1L), but I have time to show just two of the Fashionnatic Hunt men’s prizes.  This post is for all the guys out there who like to do medieval role-play.


On the left I’m showing the prize from Feyline Fashions, the elegant black velvet Sir Thomas medieval outfit that comes complete with a cape, boots and sword belt.  The detailing on this outfit is amazing including a custom-made pin to hold the cloak in place.  The outfit makes you look like the lord of the castle even if you aren’t, so I went over to the medieval Realm of Fairport and planted myself in front of the castle to get a picture of the outfit.  You can’t actually go into that castle, but hey – I sure look as if I own it.  The knight’s outfit on the right is the gift from C&N Designs and includes the gloves but not the boots.  I should add that C&N always has a great gift on their Midnight Madness board, but you have to get there early in the day because it always locks quickly.  Both gifts are terrific roleplay finds, so hurry on out there and get them before the hunt ends.

Geoffrey is wearing:

Outfit on the left:  Feyline Fashions – Sir Thomas – Fashionnatic Hunt gift ($1L)

Outfit on the right:  C&N Designs – Eric – Fashionnatic Hunt gift ($1L)

Hair:  A&A Hair – Hercules Light Brown – (not free)

Skin: Belleza – Owen Sunkissed

Sim: Realm of Fairport

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