Around the World in 80 Days SL-style

In my previous post I showed you several of the modern-day travel-oriented gifts that are available in the Around the Grid Hunt 2.  But this time I’m going to recreate the start of the kind of around the world voyage Jules Verne had in mind when he wrote his famous  tale Around the World in Eighty Days in 1873.  Fortunately the merchants of the Around the Grid Hunt 2 (AGH2) have come through with exactly the things I need.

First off, I’ll need to consult my maps.  Among the AGH2 hunt prizes you’ll find at Celtic Wolf are a set of frame historical maps like those I’ve got on my wall in the first picture.  You’ll get maps of Europe, the U.S. and the world.  Like all the hunt prizes in the AGH2, you get the set for $1L once you find the hunt object at the store.  Then, of course, I need to pack my bags.  What’s this?  My cat is asleep on top of a bunch of my suitcases!  This fun travel-related prop is the AGH2 gift from Living Vintage Southern.  Well I hate to disturb the cat, so let me just kneel down here and give her a goodbye pat.

CWLivingVintSouth(AGH2)_001At least I’ve got one suitcase available to pack for the trip, the Suitcase Seat AGH2 gift from Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations.  I think I’ll just lean on my stuff a little bit to try to get it to fit in.  No, maybe I need to sit on it to get this suitcase closed.  In both pictures I’m wearing the men’s suit AGH2 gift from AdelleArts Manor Fashions.  It includes the distinguished top hat, the black riding boots, and a full-length mesh top coat (which I’ll show you in the next picture).  With this outfit I’m a dead ringer for Verne’s Around-the-World hero, Phileas Fogg.

PP&II,AdelleArtsWith everything ready, all I need is my transportation.  Thanks to the AGH2 gift from ~XM Designs~, I have a hot air balloon that Verne would have been proud of.  This balloon is a pose object rather than a flying vehicle, but it contains a whole bunch of singles and couples poses appropriate for balloon travel.  Off, off and away …!!!


Items in this post:

Pictures: Antique Maps of Europe, World, and US by Celtic Wolf (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Suitcase stack with sleeping cat: 2 Suitcase Stacked Set by Living Vintage Southern (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Outfit: Around the Grid Men’s Outfit (includes hat, mesh topcoat, and boots) by AdelleArts Manor Fashions (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Packed suitcase: Suitcase Seat by Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Hot Air Balloon: 3 Animation Hot Air Balloon by ~XM Designs~ (AGH2 prize/$1L)

Geoffrey is also wearing:

Eyes: Deep Sky Eyes, Medium Onyx by Mayfly (currently free at FabFree Station/free)

Skin: Buck 07 with hairbase in Ivory from Filthy (not free)

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